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Grant Writing Tips

It is daunting to write a grant, and the process can be similar to a tedious job application. However, my best advice is to start researching grants early. Make sure you read through all the guidelines and create a calendar of deadlines for yourself. There is nothing more frustrating in the grant writing process then to come upon a deadline and realize that you are missing a key component like a letter of support or a detailed project summary. And finally, have confidence in your project and make sure you write with enthusiasm. Of course you are going to be excited about your project, but you must convince a panel why they should be excited for the project and its benefits to the community. Best of luck! And one last food for thought, if you are told no, just keep applying.

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I selected this color green, because it was the same color used for the uniforms.

I used Pinterest as a tool to begin to visualize and gather inspiration for how I envisioned the end product.

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