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An Intern's Guide to Curation

It can be intimidating to start curate your first exhibition, but it is also an excting and rewarding experience. Here are a few tips to consider:

- Keep in mind the location of your exhibition.

- Brainstorm a theme for your show.

- Contact Artists to participate.

- Create and submit an application.

- Draft a budget (artist fees, materials, invitations, post cards, catering, framing, etc.).

- Design or work with a designer on promotional material.

- Write your curatorial statement

- Write and send out your press release.

- Send out invitations.

- Update your social networking sites.

- Create a gallery layout.

- Install exhibition.

- Host Opening Reception.

Remember that these are suggestions and items are interchangable on the list. Good luck!

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I selected this color green, because it was the same color used for the uniforms.

I used Pinterest as a tool to begin to visualize and gather inspiration for how I envisioned the end product.

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